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Automate, scale, and modernize your next product with our DevOps experts

We offer exhaustive DevOps proficient administrations that can be utilized for any application - from consumer/buyer confronting frameworks to huge undertaking scale items.

Improve on tasks and mesh security into your product conveyance process by utilizing broad tooling, improvement procedures furthermore, conveying applications through DevOps strategies.

DevOps centers around the brilliant cooperation between programming engineers, project directors, and tasks staff as a product improvement process. With upgrading client experience to speedy bugs obsession, Regumsoft attempts to assemble an application that enables the worth of your association. What’s more, Regumsoft guarantees to feel for quicker application discharges. Utilizing the DevOps approach, cooperation among different offices and groups gets clear, which brings about more fast deliverables.

The team effort is a pivotal calculation in building a fruitful DevOps arrangement. At Regumsoft, we give an open climate, and DevOps Developers normally feel a piece of an option that could be greater than themselves. We work with colleagues’ assets to enable every individual from their work. From finding the underlying driver of a breakdown to focusing on tickets through setting, smoothing out the DevOps cycle is vital. You get continuous data on the situation with a specific application. As a major prerequisite of DevOps, 100% uptime is what we aim around the client experience.

Regumsoft follows continuous input that is fundamental for application delivery and sending. It estimates the impact of each delivery on the client experience and afterward reports that assessment back to the DevOps team.


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    cloud consulting strategy

    Cloud Consulting & Strategy

    In order to create the ideal roadmap for faster growth, your company will collaborate closely with one of our trained cloud architects. Before creating a custom solution for your company's transition to cloud computing, we thoroughly study the key performance indicators of your business.

    Utilize our consulting services for DevOps to quicken time to market. Containerization, server orchestration, server support, server security, and virtualization are all areas in which we have expertise.

    DevOps consulting advantages include:

    DevOps as a Service

    Plan and Assessment:

    DevOps Integration:

    DevOps Improvement:

    devops automation

    Progression at its ideal

    Tough quality testing, timely delivery, moral strategic policies is the beginning at Regumsoft! Here are a portion of the advantages you get when you recruit our DevOps team:

    Persistent Release and Deployment:

    Continuous Testing Evolution:

    Continuous Monitoring:

    Continuous Feedback & Monitoring:

    The advantages of using Regumsoft for the development of your cloud application


    You get to deal with experts who believe in utilizing the agile approach to leverage the potential of cloud technology and give real-time updates, so you don't have to worry as much about app updates.


    Get unrestricted support and collaboration when creating a Cloud app with us since you have the freedom to change the project proposal's features and functionality as it progresses.


    We completely safeguard your data while we upload it to the cloud, so you can rest certain that it is secure with us. Therefore, let us design your Safe and Secure Cloud App.


    We are credible, therefore you can believe us. Whether it is our data or yours, data protection is our top priority. We have sent out the strongest firewalls possible to protect your info.


    Why Choose Appinventiv as Your DevOps Services Company?

    Clients pick us on account of our capacity to further develop business agility, increment productivity, and diminish costs.
    We are separated by our:


    Highly delivery experience

    We at Regumsoft, have long stretches of involvement with assisting associations with smoothing out the delivery patterns of various applications, from inheritance to agile and then above. Our specialists guarantee that the best CI/CD practices are executed for more noteworthy quality and effectively viable code, and quicker item discharge time to showcase.



    AWS, Azure and more Cloud Platforms

    With the help of its knowledgeable AWS Geeks, Regumsoft. has a firm grip on the key AWS platform Services. Our remote AWS Cloud Practitioners can easily build, configure, deploy, migrate, and maintain AWS cloud projects since they are up to date with the newest AWS Cloud Services..

    AWS Expertise such as


    Benefits of DevOps solutions

    These days, an ever-increasing number of organizations and moving towards DevOps administrations to make their cycle quick.


    Our DevOps Approach


    Assessment and arranging

    We survey the ongoing hierarchical cycles and IT foundation and make an extensive guide for computerizing the framework.


    Automate infrastructure

    We arrange build servers, testing, organizing, and production environments and automate the total framework. Get advancement and vital arrangements on your venture given by our R&D group.


    Continuous integration

    We merge code changes into a single repository and execute automotive build and trials each time a colleague rolls out any improvements to version control system.


    Continuous deployment

    We deploy complex applications to the fundamental foundation prerequisites and run changes all throughout the CI/CD pipeline, overcoming any bugs or delays.


    Incorporate solid security

    We coordinate solid security rehearses right from the beginning of the task and complete automated security testing and consistence processes through industry-driving instruments.


    Providing 24/7 support

    As one of the quickest developing cloud and DevOps organizations, we offer every minute of every day start to finish backing to your foundations, jobs, and tasks. We likewise assist you with ongoing occurrence following and settling support cases, empowering you to make the right moves quicker.


    Frequently asked questions

    There are many vital points behind employing Regumsoft for DevOps solutions. By working with them, clients are constantly ensured to obtain 100 percent fulfillment results as they follow the DevOps and agile methodology, offer different commitment models, and sign important NDA.

    At Regumsoft, we have utilized the best group with over five years of experience. They are tech enthusiasts and dealt with numerous complex tasks in their professions.

    The center activities of DevOps are application improvement, code creating, code inclusion, unit testing, bundling, sending with Infrastructure, provisioning, arrangement, organization, and organization.

    DevOps is not the same as pretty much some other methodology known to date in that DevOps includes an emphasis on joint effort among improvement and tasks.

    Large numbers of the center standards include Developer Practices, Continuous Integration (CI), Layer-by-Layer Security, Incident Response, Microservices Architecture, Peer Reviews, Release Automation and Management, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


    Regumsoft deals with the start-to-finish DevOps needs of your business and offers administrations and arrangements including:

    – DevOps consulting services

    – DevOps professional services

    – SecOps services


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