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Don't rely on luck with your software. testing with the best.

For the world’s next-generation businesses, Regumsoft offers an offshore team that delivers independent quality engineering and a variety of software testing solutions and services. Our qualified and knowledgeable quality assurance outsourcing staff has first-hand knowledge of all the difficulties businesses have during the digital transformation process.

We employ a methodical, exhaustive, and essential testing strategy to weed out problems and determine whether the finished product generally satisfies client expectations. All of your deliverables will be in compliance with the industry’s highest standards for product quality thanks to Regumsoft’s integrated QA services.

Whether you have a mobile, desktop, or next-generation application, our team of software testing experts works with a targeted strategy to help you get more out of your testing efforts and improve time to market, which improves ROI. Functional, GUI, database, and regression testing are all carried out using a rigorous framework-based methodology. Our objective is to evaluate the performance quality of the app’s entire functional architecture.


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    Software Testing Services We Offer


    Mobile App Testing

    Delivering real-world success through testing on both the Android and iOS platforms with real-world circumstances.


    Automation Testing

    We are the finest in the industry because to our automation testing services, which guarantee great test coverage and ROI.


    Manual Testing

    We offer manual risk-based testing for all device configurations and all development types.


    Performance Evaluation

    We test the operating capabilities of your product under various loads to ensure the greatest user experience.


    Testing Data Analytics

    Our devoted teams are big data and data warehouse testing experts, so say goodbye to problems with data quality.


    Testing for Accessibility

    Our skilled accessibility testers are capable of conducting tests in accordance with WCAG compliance levels and regulations.

    Testing all about to make things best

    Our Test Automation approach


    Cost Saving

    With 30% less testing time, 50% less testing expenses, and no serious flaws in software production, increase the speed and coverage of software testing.


    Boost, speed up, and scale

    We provide quality testing services as a top QA & software testing firm, ensuring that your programme satisfies all of the demands and user expectations. To assist you in meeting strict deadlines while still delivering high-quality software.


    Consulting QA

    We are a full-service, elite QA and software testing firm that specialises in meeting and resolving the most complicated QA requirements to provide you with real business value. For your QA processes to run more smoothly, QA bottlenecks to be addressed, and QA expenses to be optimised, our professional QA consulting professionals push quality across the whole software development lifecycle.


    Automated Testing Services

    A pure-play testing company helps businesses accelerate their testing operations by utilising scalable test automation frameworks and standardised automation procedures. Our standard testing models enable you to increase QA coverage, improve quality, accelerate software product delivery, and shorten testing periods while spending the least amount of time and money possible.


    Test Management Services

    Transform your testing to always achieve high quality while staying within a reasonable testing budget and time frame. In order to assist you in overcoming the most significant testing issues of the present and achieving the best results, we fully assume responsibility for your QA.

    Software Testing

    Why Choose Us for your Software Testing Needs?


    Functional Testing

    Our functional testing services can help you create software that satisfies their vision while also giving it digital assurance.


    Penetration Testing Services

    Our penetration testing and security services can help you identify your security weaknesses.


    User acceptability testing services

    Utilize our user acceptability testing services to confirm that your software's requirements are in line with business requirements.


    Database Testing

    A crucial test for your database's stability and security is database testing, Database Testing is a type of software testing that checks the schema, tables, triggers etc. of the database under test


    Smoke Testing

    Providing effective, scalable, and adaptable smoke testing services, nonexhaustive software analysis that ascertains that the most crucial functions of a program work but does not delve into finer details


    QA Automation Testing

    Effective automation test services focus on the right interfaces for testing while minimising risks.


    REST API Testing

    With our API Testing services, we can assist you in enhancing the functionality of your apps and delivering them more quickly and effectively.


    Sanity testing

    Utilize our sanity testing services to validate your software builds and ensure they are free of bugs.


    Mobile Responsive Testing

    Utilize our mobile responsive testing services to make your designs more responsive in Mobile, Tablet and iPad.


    The phases of the quality assurance and testing procedure

    Analysis of Requirements

    Identification of the test type, establishment of the Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM), and creation of an automation feasibility report.

    Planning a test

    The design of test plans and effort estimates, as well as the choice of test tools.

    Case Development for Tests

    Generation of test cases, test data, and automation scripts

    Environment Setup

    Preparation of hardware and software requirements, Setup of the test environment, smoke testing

    Execution of tests

    Update test cases with results, generate defect reports, and update RTM with test execution status


    Software Testing and QA Services FAQs

    The process of finding flaws or faults in a software development process is known as software testing. Various software testing services are included, including performance and load testing, regression testing, web testing, integration testing, unit testing, accessibility testing, localization testing, exploratory testing, user acceptance testing, API testing, mobile application testing, usability testing, functionality testing, UI testing, compatibility and security testing services.

    These various forms of software testing guarantee the product is free of bugs, current, and will function at its peak.

    Our more than 8+ years of experience in the sector have aided firms in creating one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge technology solutions. Regumsoft strives to offer top-notch QA services with the help of its informed and skilled personnel. .

    We consistently support our clients, enabling them to track the progress of their applications in real-time at every level and producing high-quality software solutions

    Our sole objective is to provide best-in-class QA services that meet customer requirements. Our testing teams provide QA and software testing services at every stage of the product development process.

    We thoroughly examine your business requirements during the planning stage and offer suggestions for how to implement them as well as create a test plan. We use it as a component of our strategy to help us stay on schedule and within our clients’ budgets.

    Because both quality assurance and software testing have the same goal of creating a bug-free, functional application, they are frequently difficult for organisations to understand.

    The primary distinction between the two is that whereas software testing involves techniques and procedures to find software bugs, quality assurance is a process to ensure that the project complies with the expectations of the stakeholders.

    Once the customer has fully compensated us for the job performed, ownership of the code passes to the customer.

    Depending on the needs of the client and the scope of the project, teams might range in size from 5 to 20.

    Yes. First, we examine your current application, comprehend your industry, and assess the code. We offer advice and a takeover proposal based on our preliminary analysis.

    Working with a committed group of software testers and engineers has several advantages. As you don’t need to spend in infrastructure, resources, the employment process, or other time-consuming business processes, it is a cost-effective process.

    Other advantages include the team’s collaboration, the agile methodology, the software security, and upholding standards.


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