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As a leader in business intelligence consultancy, Regumsoft offers its services to help your organization's structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data yield useful insights. To establish and sustain strong partnerships, our knowledgeable specialists are employing their knowledge to integrate innovative analytics with reporting tools. Through a large array of well crafted analytics and reporting tools, our dedicated business intelligence (BI) services help you better understand your brand, competitors, customers, services, market position, and possibilities.

We collaborate with your team to help you realise the unique benefits of your solution using our change management approach. The services that help our clients achieve powerful data analytics include strategic planning, business intelligence evaluation, data migration and integration, business intelligence architecture and development, dashboard development, and analytics reporting automation.

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Variety of our Services

Data Visualization Services

Streaming Data Analytics

Utilize the most effective analytics platform for your company. We have been consistently delivering the highest value added services for streaming data analytics. Examples include Credit Card fraud detection, personalized customer service, effective routing of delivery trucks, sales and marketing and much more.

Big Data Analytics Solutions

Hadoop is only a part of big data. To get the data to the right location at the right time, Hadoop is combined with everything else. You can regulate your data landscape with the aid of big data technologies. By using our Big Data services to extract useful insights for their users from every source of data, we help entrepreneurs stay one step ahead of the competition.

Machine Learning

Machine learning solutions require much more than just the model. It is a complicated mash-up of architecture, model integration, model training, and data formats. We engage in end-to-end machine learning solution delivery that is designed to make product features come to life.

BI Reporting Dashboards Services

Regumsoft BI Reporting Dashboard Services give our consultants the tools they need to help customers quickly view their financial, CRM, ERP, sales, marketing, and other organizational data. Through the clever implementation of interactive dashboard software, our dashboard services assist businesses in highlighting key performance metrics and trends.

Advanced Analytics & Data Science

Our specialists reassure our clients that the Analytics is of high quality and inherent value of the data using data science libraries. By extracting valuable and pertinent information from many sources, our knowledgeable staff assists you in making wise and informed judgments.

CRM / Salesforce Analytics

When you have to analyze, near real-time performance report for event data coming at a speed of 10 Million messages per second and batch-process 10TB of daily data to generate reports with 50+ dimensions for a leading mobile advertising platform, just count on us.


Frequently asked questions

IT market is very dinamic and new Business Intelligence systems constantly appear. It is very hard to indicate which system is the best one.

In most cases Business Intelligence systems have both web and desktop tools. The tools targeted at analysts and used for making reports and analyze data, almost always have web interface. The tools targeted at people working on integrating or modeling data mostly have desktop interface.

It depends on the project size. The implementation of BI software can last from a few weeks to several months. A lot of companies, after the BI implementation, start to observe benefits and decide to extend their system by adding new areas and functionality.

High quality of data in Business Intelligence has significant impact on further data analysis and successful implementation. The preparation of data is a very complex process. The data from many source systems have to be properly cleaned and integrated. Cleaning the data is based on standarization of the forms of records and data types. The integration process involves combining of the previously cleaned data. To do this experts use ETL/DQ processes.

Business Intelligence systems implementation is a complex process. Its effectiveness depends on many factors. The most important one is the team experience, solid requirement analysis, a proper choice of technologies and training for the future system users.


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