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The task of converting a project’s technical requirements into the architecture and design that will power the end product falls to our cloud architect. The task of bridging the gap between complex corporate problems and cloud-based solutions frequently falls to cloud architects. To comprehend your company concept and carry it out in line with your expectations, our cloud architects take an organised approach.

Regumsoft’s cloud architect works together with other technical team members including DevOps engineers and developers to make sure the finest systems or technologies are being created. Businesses look forward to employing a cloud architect for a number of reasons, including the ability to store their IT operations, take advantage of cutting-edge cloud-enabled technology, and free up funds to engage in more complicated endeavours. Recruiting a dedicated cloud engineer from India is simple and economical according to Regumsoft’s recruiting methodology.

For the creation and deployment of a cloud application for all sorts of companies, we have a team of the top cloud architects.

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    On-Demand Cloud Architect

    Cloud architects bring a range of expertise and services to organizations, including vendor selection, hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, capacity planning, data management, training, continuous improvement, and stakeholder management. They serve as a strategic partner, guiding organizations in leveraging cloud technologies to achieve their business objectives efficiently and effectively.

    Cloud architects are essential for organizations to navigate the complexities of cloud computing, maximize the benefits of the cloud, and address challenges related to scalability, security, cost optimization, and innovation.

    Expertise & Services

    Cloud architect services

    Cloud Infrastructure Design

    We work closely with clients to understand their requirements and design a scalable and resilient cloud infrastructure. This includes selecting the appropriate cloud platform (such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform) and architecting the network, storage, compute, and security components.

    Cloud Migration Strategy

    If a client wants to migrate their existing applications and data to the cloud, We develop a migration strategy that ensures minimal disruption to their operations. This involves assessing the current environment, identifying dependencies, and creating a roadmap for a smooth transition to the cloud and security.

    Cloud Security Implementation

    Security is a critical aspect of cloud computing. We help clients establish robust security measures, including identity and access management, data encryption, network security, and compliance with industry regulations. We also implement security monitoring and incident response processes to mitigate risks and protect sensitive data.

    Cloud Cost Optimization

    Cloud costs can quickly escalate if not managed effectively. We analyze a client's cloud usage and optimize their infrastructure to minimize costs while ensuring performance and scalability. This may involve rightsizing resources, implementing cost allocation tags, leveraging spot instances, or utilizing reserved instances to reduce expenses.

    High Availability and Disaster Recovery

    We design cloud architectures that provide high availability and resilience to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity.
    This involves implementing load balancing, auto-scaling, multi-region deployments, and backup and recovery mechanisms to protect against infrastructure or service failures.

    Cloud Governance and Best Practices

    We establish governance frameworks and best practices to ensure consistent and efficient cloud operations. This includes defining resource naming conventions, access controls, monitoring and logging standards, and implementing policies for capacity planning, cost management, and security compliance.

    Technical top-niche

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    Cloud technologies:


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    Cloud Data and Analytics

    Your data has hidden treasures. These jewels can only shine if they are extracted from compartmented storage repositories and combined into a useful unified perspective. With the aid of Regumsoft cloud data and analytics solutions, you can effectively manage, regulate, and analyse your data in the cloud and acquire business insights that are rich with potential.


    Environment and technology analysis

    Our solution architect is in charge of reviewing the complete technical landscape in order to make it work with your company for the best results.


    Business-specific analysis

    Employ a solution architect to do a thorough examination of your company, the industry it belongs to, and all the pertinent technologies you may use to transform your company.


    Business-scale architecture

    In order to find the optimum solution, a solution architect can create a long-term plan that takes into account the existing systems, organises the data, and maps it with a budget and timeframe.


    Handling of complication

    Our solution architects help businesses all over the world assess their current technology systems and develop a realistic plan to increase productivity, minimise total cost of ownership, etc.

    Our Technology Stack

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    Before you employ a cloud architect, go through your project's specifications and budget with us.

    You can explain your project expectations throughout this conversation. We then can start prototyping for better clarity.

    2.Picking the top cloud architect for your project

    We will assign you a team of committed cloud architect who will complete the project in accordance with the client's specifications.

    The cloud architect we choose will have the qualifications you need for the project.

    3.Get your project deliver on Time with quality

    By delivering you updates on budget, schedule, and project progress on a regular basis, our cloud architect will keep you informed about the status of your project and ensure that it is completed before the deadline.

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    Totally under team control

    For your convenience, Regumsoft Technologies enables you to employ a remote team of cloud architect and also provides total control over them.


    Attitude of self-improvement

    Regumsoft encourages learning and gives its cloud architect every quarter to improve their abilities. Deliver excellent timeline management and code quality


    Services that put customers first

    Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to Regumsoft. As a result, we make sure to provide our clients with individualised solutions.


    High demand team

    We have a large staff of cloud architect, with an average experience of more than 4 years. Provide the ideal solution as per your system requirements


    High-quality professionals

    Cloud architect with three years or more of experience are certain to be hired by Regumsoft Technologies. With regard to every technology, we have a large staff.


    Innovation Fast

    Work together with our talented web cloud architect and developers to quickly create web apps that are suited to your needs.

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    Top Talent only

    Regumsoft is a unique working place for top software engineers, Backend developers, QA specialists, and product managers with some of the most unique and undiscovered skills you'll ever come across.

    We provide you access to the top best IT talent, from self-employed programmers to fully managed teams for your projects.

    Your Team, Your Time Zone

    When you start engagement with Regumsoft, timezone is never a problem. Our developers and your time zone constitute our one and only basic rule.

    Hire cloud architect engineers from us to provide remote cooperation that follows to your time zone, timeline, and milestone.

    Truly your team, Your timezone.

    Talented Team

    Whether you're searching for experienced developers in cutting-edge technologies or an extended staff to support your current team.

    To solve the continuing business issues, you may hire one of our software development company's professional and experienced software engineers whenever it's convenient for you.


    Frequently asked questions

    If you want to stay current with technology and protect your data, hiring a Cloud Architect may be the best course of action. Adopting the cloud can give your company a futuristic edge to stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology. A cloud architect can efficiently connect your company’s needs, cloud solutions, and challenging issues. If you’re considering hiring a Cloud Architect, you may obtain knowledgeable guidance on the cloud from them.

    An organization’s cloud computing architecture, which is under the control of cloud architects, is evolving as cloud technologies get more complicated. The front-end platforms, servers, storage, distribution, and networks required to run cloud storage are included in the cloud computing architecture. Cloud architects are IT specialists that have the skills and background to navigate complex cloud environments, manage teams, plan and implement cloud strategies, and make sure cloud systems are current and operating effectively.

    The employed Cloud Architect will unquestionably adhere to your schedule and teamwork schedule. All you need to do is hire a cloud architect, give them the project specifics, and they’ll join your team.
    Depending on the needs of your project, you are able to select the preferred price model when hiring a Cloud Architect from Regumsoft. We provide hourly, monthly, and annual recruiting models. On an hourly basis, the price starts at $25, on a monthly basis, it is $3000, and on an annual basis, it is $20,000. These are the beginning prices, and they might go up based on their expertise and experience.
    Regumsoft hires Cloud Architects using an established and organised procedure. Only the brightest and most seasoned engineers who are qualified in every area to provide the best solutions comprise Regumsoft’s pool of cloud architects. Our cloud architects are fully versed in process management, operations, and development.
    You may hire Cloud Architects in a few simple steps. To let us know what sort of resource you need and how much experience the resource should have, fill out the form. Following an interview with one of our candidates to determine which Cloud Architect might be a good fit for your business, you can sign a contract to start the development process.

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