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Software Testing Services

Keeping in mind the digitally transforming environment, Regumsoft deliver software testing services, Automated testing and Test cases testing based on multiple engagement models.
Regumsoft provides quality engineering and upgraded testing methodologies for various software products & services.

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What Do We Test

Web Application
API Testing
Cloud Application
Selenium Based Testing
IoT Device
PC, Console and Mobile Games
Server, VM and Network Load Testing
Biometric Systems`

Key Software Testing Services at Regumsoft

Functional Testing

Analyze the software’s serviceability as intended on all devices in agreement with different functional &business requirements.

Performance Testing

We make high level Performance Testing is conducted to validate whether the software applications fulfills the performance.

Test Automation

We focuses on automatically running tests and managing test data for receiving suitable results with automation.

Usability Testing

Check the user-friendliness, UI/UX and navigation flow for an application by involving representative users along with Web and Mobile.

Compatibility Testing

Ensure compatibility for your software application in compliance with different computing environments and Hardware.

Security Testing

Assess the level of protection for a particular software or website from both internal & external threats.

Why Choose the Regumsoft Connective Automation Platform?

Automated discovery

Automated discovery captures as-they-run businesses process without interrupting users.

Action Framework

Object Action Framework ensures tests are resilient to application or process changes.

continuous tests

Run end-to-end tests of mobile, web, and packaged applications from anywhere at any time.

codeless platform

100-percent codeless platform allows nontechnical and technical users to work in parallel.

Agile Framework

Scaled Agile Framework supports a truly collaborative, iterative process which can evaluate the software.


Reuse automation assets seamlessly across various project phases.


Integrate with popular CI/CD tools. CI/CD helps to identify the scalability of the software.

Flexible architecture

Flexible architecture works the way you do: on-premises, hybrid, or in a private cloud.

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