Cloud & DevOps Solution

Cloud Computing & DevOps Services

Global cloud infrastructure is one of the most secure, flexible, and reliable cloud computing environments available on and off the universe.

Being a leading AWS and Azure Cloud consulting company, we let you hire AWS and Azure certified solutions architect to bring the power of AWS/Azure to your organization’s infrastructure.

Transform Your Business With Cloud Technology

Grow your business without compromising on quality, productivity & control by moving to the cloud
Accelerate your digital transformational journey with the power of cloud computing.
Unleash the full potential of cloud computing and drive your organization forward with Regumsoft's cloud team.
Reduce IT Costs More Service Offerings Increase ROI

Move your IT infrastructure to the Cloud through a well and Secure planned transition with assistance from our experts and save on hardware and maintenance.

Leverage cutting-edge cloud technologies to significantly reduce time-to-market and cost for new service lines for your business.

Establish secure cloud-first collaborative work environment for your employees, partners and field agents.

Take Control of Your Cloud Infrastructure

We review the need of the customer and provide the accurate solution

Data Location

Where your data location is needed, we provide simplicity in choosing the data location and change the data access at any time in any region.


As we have skills working with local Gov. norms and regulations to fulfill on privacy level, along with compliance of local rules and regulations.


When there's cloud data, there's high security we provide for each of our data chunks, which Results in higher security standards and data integrity.

Reduce Cost

The major reason industries going with cloud solutions is to feel a reduction in cost, Scalability and Security that are convenient and easy to scale at any time.

DevOps & CI/CD

DevOps let's automate various services like software development, deployment and testing is a vital image to go with AWS, Azure. We are expert DevOps & CI/CD consultants experienced.

Upscale Architecture

Data loss can be avoided by following best practices in security and applying best in development practices. We'll lay a solid foundation for your team to build on.


Cloud Adoption

Adopting Cloud

Moving to AWS or Azure begin with a deep analysis of current environments and tools including multiple point checks.

Cost Optimization

Optimize Cost

We follow the best methods to save cost on each set of architecture we build and provide which gives monthly and annually cost optimization.

Infrastructure Management

IaaS Setup

Our core expert team deals with setting up infrastructure at a high level and provides simplistic throughout in implementing further needs.

Devops Consulting

DevOps Consulting

Our high level expertise and experienced in managing Simple to ERP level complex DevOps operations with help your business to accelerate.

Cost Optimization


The most powerful input in the software building mechanism is the combination of QA and automation on the deployment of each module using CI/CD.

Application Modernization

Cloud Modernization

The wide range of services, we provide in the cloud setup, provides multiple new ways to achieve productive output with your applications and deliveries.

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